​Undergraduate Programs


Faculty of Engineering and Technology

“Faculty of Technology aims to produce graduates who are suitable for both public and private sectors in technology industry continuously with expected quality”

Faculty of Administrations

“Aims to produce graduates with quality and moral as well as be able to adapt their knowledge to manage their businesses in different situations”
- Faculty of Business Administration, Siam Technology College is responsible by Dr. Opas Kitkamhang, the Dean of Faculty of Business Administration. The faculty provides (2) two main programs which are Business Computer and Marketing. Dr. Opas Kitkamhang has mentioned that the reasons to study at Siam Technology College are that Faculty of Business Administration in this college is different from other institutions because our instructors are professionals in the fields and we have advisors to support the programs as well as looking after each student closely even outside classrooms. Students are able to get suggestions from their advisors anytime they need, not only in face-to-face classrooms period.

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

Technologists are people with knowledge and able to work on field in both business and industry.

Faculty of Accounting

The faculty focuses on producing graduates that have applied skills and work efficiently in accounting fields.

Faculty of Public Administration

“Public administration program was implemented to produce graduates who are able to work in both public and private sector including police, deputy district chief, mortgage office, and human resources in bank industry.”

Faculty of health Science

“The faculty focuses on producing graduates who have ability and knowledge in providing health services in terms of hospitality. Also, the faculty aims to develop graduates to have global communication skills and work with international culture.”

International Programs


  • Bachelor of Business administration in International Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Bachelor of Arts Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • *** Hospitality

         Our latest planned addition to the international curriculum is Hospitality Management. Tourism, including hotel and restaurant management, provides a huge source of employment opportunities for Thais both here in Thailand and abroad. Our curriculum was just approved by the Ministry of Education, and we look forward to enrollment in this program next year.
         Students will learn management tools that are critical to success, beginning with an absolute need to communicate effectively in English. Beyond English, students will learn both the retail side of management and the internal controls to ensure ongoing profitability. Additionally, our students will gain superb customer service-related skills because restaurants and hotel “live or die” based on their customer service.
         In their senior year, we anticipate placing hospitality students into the industry with internships, and we are currently exploring various partnerships that will provide mutual value to our students but the business community as well.

Graduate Programs


The information about requirement for Master degree is provided here.

Master of Science

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Master of Education

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Master of Business Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Master of Public Health Program

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Master of Engineering

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