46 Charan Sanit Wong Rd, Wat Thapra, Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok,10160 Thailand


          Siam Technology College is located on 46 Charan Sanit Wong Rd, Wat Thapra, Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok, with a total area of 816.75 square meters. Conveniently located to many bus routes (42, 57, 68, 80, 81, 91, 108, 146, 175, 189), access to the college will further expand once the Blue Line of the Mass Rapid Transit Train (MRT) opens, with a station (Charan Sanit Wong 13) directly adjacent to the campus.


          Siam Technology College has facilities that are fully equipped with all necessary teaching aids and tools.
  • Administration Building (Building No.9)
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.2)
  • Exhibition Building (Building No.3)
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.4)
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.5)
  • Cafeteria (Building No.6)
  • Technology Faculty Building (Building No.7)
  • Multipurpose Building (Building No.8)

  •           The administration building (Building No.9) is a 12-story building with a basement for car parking. Classrooms, laboratories, executive management’s offices, and faculty members’ offices are located throughout the building. There are large and small auditoriums on the fourth floor, as well as a library on the third floor. Both students and faculty members all have full access to materials that are provided in the library.