• Qualifications in Grade 12 or equivalence
  • Have no temporary disabled and have good attitude where the committees see that he/she will not cause any problem to the college
  • Have no pestilence or any similar disease that affects to study or work
  • Has no imprisonment before

    Transfer Requirement

  • Qualification
  • Transfer document from other institutions
  • 2 Copies of Transcript for Bachelors
  • 2 Copies of subject description

    Remarks: In case of waiting for formal qualification document, you can use transcript to do credit transfer for temporary.



    Documents Required

  • 3 Copies of Grade 12 or equivalent qualification
  • 1 Copy of qualification (in case of graduating from abroad)
  • 1 Copies of identification card
  • 1 Copy of Household registration
  • 1 photos of 1 inch
  • 2 Copy of name changing application

    Remarks: All documents should be in A4 size with signature on





    Faculty of Engineering and Technology

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Automotive Technology 37,000
    Electrical and Electronics Technology 37,000
    Computer Technology 37,000
    Energy Engineering 37,000
    Logistics Management 37,000
    Aviation Maintenance Engineering Training 82,000

    Faculty of Business Administration

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Marketing 32,000
    Business Computer 32,000
    General Management
    Accountancy 32,000

    Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Hospitality and Tourism 56,000

    Faculty of Public Administration

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Public Administration 32,000

    Faculty of health Science

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Public Health 47,000
    Occupational Health and Safety 47,000

    International Programs

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes Fees
    Bachelor of Business administration in International Business Management 56,000
    Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 28,750

    *** Hospitality

         Our latest planned addition to the international curriculum is Hospitality Management. Tourism, including hotel and restaurant management, provides a huge source of employment opportunities for Thais both here in Thailand and abroad. Our curriculum was just approved by the Ministry of Education, and we look forward to enrollment in this program next year.
         Students will learn management tools that are critical to success, beginning with an absolute need to communicate effectively in English. Beyond English, students will learn both the retail side of management and the internal controls to ensure ongoing profitability. Additionally, our students will gain superb customer service-related skills because restaurants and hotel “live or die” based on their customer service.
         In their senior year, we anticipate placing hospitality students into the industry with internships, and we are currently exploring various partnerships that will provide mutual value to our students but the business community as well.

    Graduate Programs

    Normal Classes Evening Classes Sunday Classes ตลอดหลักสูตร
    Master of Science
    -Logistics Technology Management 139,000
    -Innovator based on information technology 149,000
    Master of Education
    -Educationnal Administration 129,000



    -สาขาวิชาเทคโนโลยีและนวัตกรรมเพื่อการบริหารการศึกษา (ภาษาอังกฤษ)

    Master of Business Administration
    Master of Public Administration
    -Public Management
    Master of Engineering
    -Energy and Environmental Management
    Master of Public Health Program
    -Public Health



    Apply an Application

    Apply Online

    Apply by Yourself
  • Apply and request for more information at Siam Technology College
  • Every day from 8:00am – 16:30pm
  • Tel : +662-878-5000-5 (Internal Call CLICK )
  • Fax : + 66 2-878-5012
  • Website :
  • Email :
  • free! Application Fee 200 Baht
  • free! Entry Fee 2,000 Baht (Include insurance and student card)

    **** Institutions have rights to withdraw any student without warning if any evidence submitted is fraudulent



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